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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit professional organization that offers membership and supports the Community Health Worker (CHW) workforce through a variety of opportunities that includes continuing education credit courses, job opportunities, and various CHW-led projects across Texas. 

Learn more about our current leaders, membership benefits, and partnerships/projects.

Group Hug
Group Hug


​The mission of TAPCHW is to support and expand opportunities for the CHW profession at the state and local level through Advocacy, Education, Employment, Empowerment, and Policy.  


Elevate the voices of

Texas Community Health Workers and Promtores.

Support Group

Core Values

  • Advocacy 

       We champion for CHW priorities.

  • Equity 

       We support fair access in advancement.

  • Integrity 

       We remain true to the CHW/Promotor role.

  • Intersectionality 

        We acknowledge and engage different                                perspectives.

  • Self-Empowerment 

       We honor the intrinsic value of lived 


  • Unity
    We connect CHWs/Promotores, allies, & communities.

Our Goals

  • Offer a statewide annual CHW conference 

  • Promote statewide projects and opportunities for CHWs

  • Amplify and promote local CHW associations projects/events

  • Support CHW and CHW Instructor continuing education efforts

  • Engage in advocacy for the CHW/Promotora workforce

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