The Texas Association of Promotores and Community Health Workers (TAPCHW) was established in 2019. TAPCHW leadership is comprised of experienced, passionate, and motivated certified CHWs and CHW Instructors from CHW training centers and local/regional coalitions & associations across the great State of Texas including: Northeast Texas Community Health Worker Coalition, West Texas Community Health Worker/ Promotores Association, West Texas AHEC, National Community Health Worker Training Center - Texas A&M, DFW-CHW Association, Texas Gulf Coast CHW/Promotores (TGCCPA), & Tyler Junior College. We were established to address the need for a statewide association, based on a statewide CHW survey conducted in cooperation with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

TAPCHW Interim Board of Directors (from left to right, top row): Kim Bush, Christie Cofer,Ashley Rodriguez, Denise Martinez, Julie St.John, Denise Hernandez. (from left to right, bottom row): Katy Nimmons, Debra Flores, Roxana Lopez, and intern Callie King. Not pictured: Dolontria Williams.


Photo taken November 2019


Our Mission is to support and expand opportunities for the CHW profession at the state and local level through advocacy, education, empowerment, and policy.

  • Offer statewide annual CHW conference 

  • Promote statewide projects and opportunities for CHWs

  • Amplify and promote local association’s projects/events

  • Support CHW and CHW Instructor continuing education efforts

  • Engage in advocacy for the CHW/Promotora workforce

Our Affiliate Member Organizations


We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit that serves all Community Health Workers across Texas that is led by certified CHWs and CHW Instructors.


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