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TAPCHW Membership Options

  • Organization

    CHW Employers, Networks, & Training Centers
    Valid for one year
    • o Discounted booth at Annual TAPCHW State Conference
    • o Logo listed on website, newsletter, other communication
    • o Promote member organization on TAPCHW website
    • o Partner to offer CE trainings to TAPCHW Members
    • o Access to private platform of TAPCHW Members
    • o Ability to serve/be represent on TAPCHW Advisory Council
  • Individual Member

    CHW/CHW Instructor Annual Membership (1 Year) New or Renewal
    Valid for one year
    • o Certified & noncertified CE’s – online or in-person
    • o Environment that advocates for CHWs
    • o Ability to serve/be represented on the TAPCHW Board of Dir
    • o Access to TAPCHW's private network of CHWs
    • o Access to TAPCHW calendar of events
    • o Registration discount for the State TAPCHW conference
    • o Mentorship opportunities for new CHWs
    • o Employment resources and opportunities
    • o Information about CHW specific trainings & conferences
    • o DSHS Advisory Council updates - changes to the promotora p
    • o Bi-annual TAPCHW Newsletter
    • o Scholarship Opportunities – as funding allows
  • Best Value

    Individual Bi-Annual

    CHW/CHW Instructor Bi-Annual Membership (2-Year) New/Renewal
    Valid for 2 years
    • Same as Individual Benefits

Membership Information Form Required - Access Here


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